Sunday, October 4, 2009

Oklahoma's Eternal Chrome's 1st Annual Benefit Poker Run

Telling ourselves it was for a good cause, Nancy and I bundled up and met others at Victory Church Saturday morning for the Eternal Chrome's 1st Benefit Poker Run. It was a little cool and the sky was gray with only a peek of sunshine. We got registered and acquainted with some of the other riders.

We took off, went to the closest restaurant to grab a bite to eat and headed to the first check point. There we caught up with the group and rolled the dice took some more pictures.

From Wilmot Baptist Church we rode to Meeker, Oklahoma where we rolled the dice again, fueled up, chatted a while and then went across the street to LaDonna's Grill to eat.

We left LaDonna's full of great food and proceeded to Soda Pops for the final check point.

We were a little late but took some time to take in some of the beauty of the wonderful looking bikes and cars that were hanging out at Soda Pops on this famous stretch of Route 66..

There were some great looking bikes there.

I especially liked the bike to the left.

We took off from Soda Pops and headed back to Victory Church where we finished up and headed back to our home. We had a great time and got to know some new people as well as getting to know each other better. It was a great experience and we'll be exited to get another chance to ride again.
See the slide show

By: Rick and Nancy Jackson

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