Friday, July 31, 2009

Oklahoma Facebook Comment

Yes it's Friday in Oklahoma. Thank God for this. I was pulled from my slumber by a little voice. I don't know if it was God, my own little mechanism, or even the evil one. What ever the voice, I'm am awake, my mind is alert, my heart is open to what makes it tick, I know why I'm here, and this will be a day like no other.

Getting on the computer, I quickly found myself on facebook. Looking for good new about my friends and family. I started to make a comment, and it just kept growing. That's why it turned into a blog. I wanted to comment about the polls that had been appearing lately about national health care, abortion, President Obama approval ratings, etc. I just realized that Obama is not approved as a word by my spell check. Facebook is not approved either. I bet the developer is not aware of this. I probably don't have the latest upgrade.
I think the polls are great. The poll creators are really wanting to now what the public thinks. Are the poll creators politically motivated, or just curious? If our laws and government polices were truly ran by the people, we could do something like America Idol, where we text our vote in. We could change things so fast that even if it was wrong, we could change it back before to much damage is done.
No, I must still be dreaming. How can life be simple at this stage of the game. It's taken over 40 years for me to realize that it is natural for the world to complicate and cause confusion between people. Once you know that, it makes it simpler for you to enjoy the day.
I wasn't even going to blog today, but I felt it my American eesponsibility to express my freedom of speach. This one power can change our Nation for the better. Surely there are those of you out there with better ideas than mine. Speak up America. Speak more positive into the future, and less negative about the past. Our history is just a learning lesson.

By: Rick Jackson

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Another Rainy Morning in Oklahoma

Well it's the third day in a row that I have looked outside and seen rain gleaming between the Oklahoma City street lights and the darkness that lingers. I'm glad we are getting the rain. The grass was turning brown and this will help grass fires from starting. I know the ranchers welcome the rain to help the grass grow for livestock purposes and the farmers need it for their crops. All those who enjoy going to the lake and fishing should appreciate the rain.
I spoke to a person yesterday who raises watermelons. He told me the rain would really help the melons to grow to the size that they needed to be if we could get a little sunshine.
Today I have family flying to other states, friends having funerals, and I will be driving to work in the rain. I'm going to have a mentality that will accept the rain as a blessing and be thankful for all the good that it does. Since we are 90 percent water, I'm sure a little rain is probably a good thing.

By: Rick Jackson

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Life is like a refrigerator

As I looked in the refrigerator this morning, I thought to myself. Is this what my life has become? Little bits and pieces of things that are forgotten. Things I paid money for and enjoyed once, but remained in the same old place and have become useless. Would I be better off with just one thing in place that was fresh. It would certainly cut down on the fear factor of what is in storage that could hurt me. It would leave more room for new things if I emptied it out from time to time?
An empty refrigerator would make putting new things in it more exciting.
Maybe I should go through my life and discard the things that are not beneficial to me. Just grab it and throw it in the trash. The trash is always getting full anyway. What is an extra trip to the curb. It would just be less garbage in my life.
by: Rick Jackson

Friday, July 24, 2009

Downtown Oklahoma City

Sometimes in the morning, I like to look out the window where I work in downtown Oklahoma City and just gaze for a little while. I get to see a lot of interesting people and events. My day job is near the middle of one the largest cities in the USA. I am just a few blocks from the Ford Center, Myriad Gardens, State Fair Grounds, and Bricktown where the Oklahoma City Red Hawks play baseball. The Oklahoma River is less than 8 blocks away where the water taxis run from Meridian Avenue to Regatta Park near Bricktown.

I don't work in the high rise office building part of Oklahoma City, but our building and its area are in a prime real estate location. I try to imagine the older days when the oil boom first started and life here was like some of the old western movie.

As the real estate in Oklahoma City continues to evolve, a lot of the older buildings are getting facelifts and new owners. The neighbor hood associations have done a great job of beautifying the streets and sidewalks. There are many walking and bicycle trails, and several ways of public transportation. Soon there will be a new park across the river from the Ford Center and I-40 will be completed with a more efficient route through the metro area.

So if you’re at work and you are lucky enough to have even a little window, think about all that there is outside and expect good things to happen. You being where you are, play a part of it all.

Rick Jackson

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Oklahoma City Events

It's been a hot summer already in Oklahoma City. The Harley Owner's Group or (H.O.G) was here a few weeks ago. There were a lot of really nice bikes. We got to meet some of the vendors that travel to different Harley events to promote their products. There were helmets, jackets, chrome air horns, and even custom paint booths where you could get a special touch painted on your bike.
I don't know how they counted all the motorcycles that came to the event that weekend, but the numbers were supposed to be between 15,000 and 20,000. There were special places in Oklahoma City's Bricktown for the bikes to park, and the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds had special event concerts for members and other entertainment.
What an event! It's good to see the Oklahoma City Fairgrounds used for something different. It's a big hot slab of hot asphalt when there is nothing going on, but when there is activity, it turns into a great place to spend the day and have some fun.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday in Oklahoma

I'm always glad when Friday comes. I'm thankful that my second job as a parts manager for one of the largest ice machine distributors is only Monday through Friday. Sure today may be a long day, but the week end is near. I'm sure Monday will come quick, but there are two days of time off just around the corner. There are plenty of things to do in the Oklahoma City area. I'm sure there is a gun show at the Oklahoma City Fair Grounds. There are some new movies out. There are bands, motorcycle rides, and lake recreation is always nearby.
In fact there are so many things to do, that making choices may be the hard part.

What do you like to do in Oklahoma City on your time off? What ever it is, we hope you enjoy it and are appreciative that we live in a country where you have options.
Rick and Nancy

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Oklahoma Independence Day

As Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin expressed her independence Friday, July the 3rd, 2009, my heart went out to her. I feel, when she in fact steps down, it will not be out of fear. She is doing it out of love for her family, neighborhood, city, and the State of Alaska. Being an Oklahoma Realtor, I can just imagine what a Governor of one of our greatest states might be going through. Just the thought of living that far away from the majority of the United States in the last frontier has stopped a lot of people from relocating to Alaska to enjoy it's wildlife and beauty. You have a lot of real estate up there to take care of.

I'm sure the attacks have really stepped up from the opposition at the Nations Capital, and people dedicated to the powers of our new government have crept in on her and her family. She makes an excellent target for the drive by media, with her patriotic actions, and Christian beliefs. Being a republican makes you even a bigger target. As Governor of Alaska, and a 2008 Vice Presidential candidate, you have caused fear in a party that wants to control it's people.

This is why I would resign:

My hands were tied behind my back by the tangled web of politics.
My mind was consumed with business and time for my family was being reduced.
I had set out to accomplish an objective, and had been more than successful at it.
You trust your family, friends, and God to support you.

And most of all, it is a free country and as of yet, no one can make you work where you don't want to. Thank you for showing America this one thing. Yes Governor Palin, you are free to choose a life style that fits you. Hunting, fishing, surfing, movies, long walks on the beach, and all the other fun things that a lot of Americans are doing while the Government has been using you for a punching bag. Live out a new dream.

I'm celebrating this Fourth of July (Independence Day) with you in mind. An independent citizen of this United States of America, who can be thankful for the liberties we still have, and the opportunity to keep them.

LET YOUR FREEDOM RING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

from: Rick and Nancy