Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Life is like a refrigerator

As I looked in the refrigerator this morning, I thought to myself. Is this what my life has become? Little bits and pieces of things that are forgotten. Things I paid money for and enjoyed once, but remained in the same old place and have become useless. Would I be better off with just one thing in place that was fresh. It would certainly cut down on the fear factor of what is in storage that could hurt me. It would leave more room for new things if I emptied it out from time to time?
An empty refrigerator would make putting new things in it more exciting.
Maybe I should go through my life and discard the things that are not beneficial to me. Just grab it and throw it in the trash. The trash is always getting full anyway. What is an extra trip to the curb. It would just be less garbage in my life.
by: Rick Jackson


Anna said...

Good observation Rick and as I thought about all you said it occurred to me that there is another aspect about accumulating that we might consider.

My late husband once said to me,"We might as well have nothing because we have so much we can't find anything" It was true and more often than not, we bought more because it was just easier than finding what we already had.

Often we simply don't want to take the time or effort to "clean-out the clutter" of life so we just keep adding to. In this way we not only create more clutter, we can't even enjoy "the new" because we know it won't be long before it finds its way to the same pile.

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