Friday, July 31, 2009

Oklahoma Facebook Comment

Yes it's Friday in Oklahoma. Thank God for this. I was pulled from my slumber by a little voice. I don't know if it was God, my own little mechanism, or even the evil one. What ever the voice, I'm am awake, my mind is alert, my heart is open to what makes it tick, I know why I'm here, and this will be a day like no other.

Getting on the computer, I quickly found myself on facebook. Looking for good new about my friends and family. I started to make a comment, and it just kept growing. That's why it turned into a blog. I wanted to comment about the polls that had been appearing lately about national health care, abortion, President Obama approval ratings, etc. I just realized that Obama is not approved as a word by my spell check. Facebook is not approved either. I bet the developer is not aware of this. I probably don't have the latest upgrade.
I think the polls are great. The poll creators are really wanting to now what the public thinks. Are the poll creators politically motivated, or just curious? If our laws and government polices were truly ran by the people, we could do something like America Idol, where we text our vote in. We could change things so fast that even if it was wrong, we could change it back before to much damage is done.
No, I must still be dreaming. How can life be simple at this stage of the game. It's taken over 40 years for me to realize that it is natural for the world to complicate and cause confusion between people. Once you know that, it makes it simpler for you to enjoy the day.
I wasn't even going to blog today, but I felt it my American eesponsibility to express my freedom of speach. This one power can change our Nation for the better. Surely there are those of you out there with better ideas than mine. Speak up America. Speak more positive into the future, and less negative about the past. Our history is just a learning lesson.

By: Rick Jackson

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