Saturday, July 4, 2009

Oklahoma Independence Day

As Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin expressed her independence Friday, July the 3rd, 2009, my heart went out to her. I feel, when she in fact steps down, it will not be out of fear. She is doing it out of love for her family, neighborhood, city, and the State of Alaska. Being an Oklahoma Realtor, I can just imagine what a Governor of one of our greatest states might be going through. Just the thought of living that far away from the majority of the United States in the last frontier has stopped a lot of people from relocating to Alaska to enjoy it's wildlife and beauty. You have a lot of real estate up there to take care of.

I'm sure the attacks have really stepped up from the opposition at the Nations Capital, and people dedicated to the powers of our new government have crept in on her and her family. She makes an excellent target for the drive by media, with her patriotic actions, and Christian beliefs. Being a republican makes you even a bigger target. As Governor of Alaska, and a 2008 Vice Presidential candidate, you have caused fear in a party that wants to control it's people.

This is why I would resign:

My hands were tied behind my back by the tangled web of politics.
My mind was consumed with business and time for my family was being reduced.
I had set out to accomplish an objective, and had been more than successful at it.
You trust your family, friends, and God to support you.

And most of all, it is a free country and as of yet, no one can make you work where you don't want to. Thank you for showing America this one thing. Yes Governor Palin, you are free to choose a life style that fits you. Hunting, fishing, surfing, movies, long walks on the beach, and all the other fun things that a lot of Americans are doing while the Government has been using you for a punching bag. Live out a new dream.

I'm celebrating this Fourth of July (Independence Day) with you in mind. An independent citizen of this United States of America, who can be thankful for the liberties we still have, and the opportunity to keep them.

LET YOUR FREEDOM RING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

from: Rick and Nancy

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