Saturday, October 2, 2010

Oklahoma City -- Let's Run the Numbers

I thought this was an excellent video about Oklahoma City and the surrounding area.
Just sharing it:
By Dreams Do Come True


Alley Anna said...

A couple of comments...There is no question that I am very thankful to live here, but it seems ironic that while we are openly criticized for upholding "archaic" Judeo/Christian principles in such an "enlightened" time, we are getting such high marks for being a great place to live. I mean, is it really just a coincidence that a state who still has room for God is doing better than average or is it maybe, just possible that there really is truth to the scripture that says "Blessed is the nation (state) who's God is the Lord."? A little history/social studies lesson might be in order.

Also...this is a great video but my question is "Why was is created?" Was it to help Oklahomans appreciate more fully what we have or is it to attract others to Oklahoma. Others are good but... Ever been to one of the "sleepy" little mountain towns (but no longer) in Colorado where people who grew up there were forced out because so many "enlightened" people showed up. I like honey but I don’t like the fact that it attracts lots of flies and worst of all, the bees are vanishing. I've seem the personality of whole communities completely changed in a very short time through this very process. "On Guard Oklahoma!" Don't forget "why" we are blessed and don't compromise the things that go into building a lasting foundation.

Oklahoma City Realtor said...

The video was probably created for the Greater Oklahoma City of Commerce who is known for "money is no object" especially if it's from our citizens. they have these commercials made with the intent that it will attract business and growth to the Oklahoma City area. I don't know where I stumbled across it, but I gained something about OKC from it.