Saturday, December 25, 2010

It's a Facebook Christmas Card

It's a Face Book Christmas card from Rick and Nancy.  Just wanting you to know we are thinking about you.
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Today is the special Holiday of the Year.  This message is for everyone of our friends.  Not just Facebookers that are down at the end of the internet freeway, but all people God has put in out lives. 
Nancy and I want you to know you turned into  much more to us than picture profiles and  i.p. addresses.  We are in touch with a lot of people every day in many ways of communication.  Most of you we will see in the physical form from time to time.  There are a lot of you that bring us joy over the internet via Facebook, Blog comments, email, and comments on our web site.
Some of you may be clients of Christmas past, Christmas Present or Christmas future.
Some of  you are funny and supportive.  I might have met you in FarmTown. Most of my facebook friends are positive and uplifting. That's something we can't get too much of.  To have this gift, you must know where it comes from.  It's the baby that Christmas is about.  How he was born, and through him, we have been given this joy.
Have a Merry Christmas and get ready to start a Happy New Year
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