Sunday, May 3, 2009

Oklahoma High School Seniors of 2009

Congratualations to the Oklahoma's High School Seniors of 2009
From Rick and Nancy

Thank you for sticking it out and completing one of the longest stretches in life in completing high school. Now you have the opportunity to go out and chase your dreams. Don't let opinions, opposition, setbacks, or what you think you see, stop you from chasing the dream that has been in your heart since you were much younger. Don't feel pressured to meet time requirements that may have been seared into your beliefs by others.
Enjoy waking up each day knowing that you are a part of the USA and your vote counts. We need your support, ideas, and help in keeping America strong and able to help other countries when the time arrives. Many of you may join our military to physically protect our country. Others of you will continue your education to help our society in other ways. You will become doctors, lawyers, dentists, police, firefighters, and many other professionals who help this country with the many needs we have. If you choose not to pursue a career and get a job, then that is also a contribution.
Don't let fear navigate you from doing what you really want to do, and never hesitate to ask for help.

We wish you the best and are proud of you. You are no longer America’s future, but its present.
Rick and Nancy
Dreams Do Come True

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