Friday, May 1, 2009

Talking about my generation

written by: OkcRick
(Oklahoma City area Realtor)

While delivering a message about giants that are in our life, and how we can overcome them, the preacher started talking about himself being a baby boomer and how so much has changed. Being in the baby boomer bracket myself, I did some research and this is what I found.
In 2006 baby boomers started turning 60 years old at the rate of 330 per hour. The first baby boomers started drawing social security benefits in January 2008. A lot of my information was found at
I usually don't blog, but after some interesting things that have happened the last few weeks in my own life, all of this has raised my interest in our young people and the way they self destruct the opportunities before them. It's no secret that smoking can be harmful to your health, and God knows that once you start smoking it's hard to quit. Why, after 60 years of an educated generation are people still picking them up and starting? Our parents didn't have all the material available to understand the harm that smoking does, but they did know that they weren't good for us. Why are our youth so rebellious and non conforming?
This article is not to pick on smokers. I struggle with my chosen habits that my parents and other people warned me about. What puzzles me the most is, that with the education of our particular generation, why doesn't the next generation get any wiser? This is not a new observation and traces to many stories in the bible. I believe that we would all like our children to have a better life, and not have to deal with the mistakes as we did those we made.
If you're a young person reading this, I challenge you to make a difference. Point out to your friends and family, that good choices can make a difference. With your help and good intent, you can make a difference for your children. Hopefully you can start a trend that will be passed on to many generations. If not, they will probably have to learn the hard way as well.
I see many great things coming from our young people. They have gotten past many things that the baby boomers didn't. I hope there will be a future generation soon to come, that will just be called smart. Common sense is all over the place. A person shouldn't have to pay a specialist $110.00 per hour to understand how others succeed. Happyness has already been paid for.

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