Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The wheel that squeaks the loudest gets the oil

Do to the all too familiar word “bailout” it seems every type of business wants a piece of the action or they fear they will suffer. If they are currently not running their business correctly, they probably won’t start in the near future.

Credit card companies are worried that they are not going to get a big enough piece of the pie. Even though many bank owned credit cards are receiving money from the bailout program, they are still concerned they are not getting enough and recently have begun slicing credit limits. This practice seems to be across the board even when the card holders have not been late on payments and have a very low balance.

I have heard news reports, and know some of these consumers personally, that have had their limits lowered. This in turn can cause them to have their credit maxed out when the week before they may have only been at 30%. Because this puts them over or maxes out the new limit that the card company put into place, it then causes the card holders to receive a lower credit score.

Then because they have a lower credit score, caused by the credit card companies in the first place, the credit card companies are raising the interest rate on the cards that were already too high. This results in making it harder to get a good rate on a home mortgage.

I’m getting really tired of large, supposedly organized businesses and corporations asking for help, while the consumer is getting stepped on and expected to pay for the help.

Joe the Plumber wouldn’t run a business expecting his customers to bail him out with money that has been paid as taxes.

If we are going to bail anyone out, let’s start by helping the little businesses that are the backbone of America. Better yet, let’s start with the people and the communities where these little businesses operate. Speak up and let you thoughts be known. Don’t let unattached politicians decide the fate of the nation without hearing from you and the people you know. The wheel that squeaks the loudest gets the oil. At this time, America can’t be heard at all for the squeaking at our capital.

by Rick Jackson

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