Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Oklahoma City and Edmond Gas Prices

Oklahoma City Living

As gas prices decline and have reached prices lower than it’s been in several years, I’m waiting to see the other industries and products lower their cost. According to the local news, higher gas prices resulted in paying more for our groceries, electricity, road repair, and construction. Even my lawn company went up as a result in the last jump in gas prices. I could go on and on about diferent products raising prices to compensate for gas, desiel, and oil prices.
According to the trend of gas prices being high, less people drive, which one would think might lower insurance premiums and reduce road repair. If you have noticed any reduction in the cost of living due to higher gas prices, please share it with me.

Gas prices today, entice me to go out and get a high performance car. A big V-8 that will burn the tires off for two blocks, although I haven’t seen tire prices come down yet.
I’m sure a big reason for the prices that were raised due to the fuel cost are remaining high to help recover from the damage done, but it only makes since to me, that if gas prices remain low, logically other prices will start to lower also. The offset is the thousands of Employees that have fuel related jobs, and people who stimulate our economy from the money they make from fuel, will eventually suffer and that will cause harm to our economic situation. Fuel is very powerful when it comes to setting the standards for our economy. If the lower prices help your business, please pass it on.
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