Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Oklahoma City Neighbors

My wife Nancy and I are Realtors in the Oklahoma City Community. We work for Paradigm AdvantEdge Realty in Edmond Oklahoma.

We live in the Woodcreek Addition in Warr Acres Oklahoma. Warr Acres is it's own small city that helps make up Oklahoma City. It has it's own Fire station, Police Department, City Hall, and lots of businesses. We like most things about Warr Acres and are excited to see it growing in the latest ways of development. As Realtors, we don't like to see homes and office buildings empty. There is a shopping center not too far from us that used to be a TG&Y or something. I am told the owner lives in New York or some were such as that. He won't sell the property and will only lease it. It has been 90% vacant for the last several years. The owner probably is just holding out for the property value, which someday will amount to a large some. Meanwhile, our City has a building that is not very attractive that could be used for many things.

Nancy and I want anyone living in the Oklahoma City and Edmond area to tell us about your neighborhood. We have already started a web site where people can express their likes and dislikes about the community you call home. Who knows if it will have any impact or help, but at least it will bring some communities together to share what works and doesn't work for them.

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