Monday, November 10, 2008

Oklahoma Foliage

I welcome the changing of the leaves. It's not because I am looking forward to winter, but I will embrace it as the time comes. It means Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here soon and we will get to see more of our family. Although autumn officially began on or around September the 21st, the leaves have been slow to start changing colors this year.
As I look around our neighborhood in Oklahoma City, I would speculate only about 10 -15 percent of the leaves have lost their green color. It's been a very warm fall in Oklahoma. Soon we will have that really cold night and some wind, then they will all be gone.

Feel free to share what it's like in your area. I know there are some spectacular views as you drive into southeastern Oklahoma into the mountains, but I have no clue as to when it's beauty will peak out.

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