Saturday, March 20, 2010

Oklahoma City's First Day of Spring

Here we are, living in Oklahoma City with snowfall on the first day of spring. Just yesterday I was out in a long sleeve shirt taking pictures of the construction of I-40 and enjoying the sunshine. I was thrilled about the progress of Oklahoma City's new bridges, walkways, and overpasses. Oklahoma City's I-40 project seems to be going really well in spite of the harsh winter we've had. Just a couple of weeks ago, I got up on Saturday and went down town and took some pictures of Oklahoma City's new Devon Tower as it is being built. The weather was great that day. I think all the good weekends we have had since 2010 started can be easily counted on the fingers of one hand.

This morning I get up, and there is snow on the ground and the temperature has dropped below the freezing mark. The poor robins look confused. This has been a very cold and wet winter in my book. I'm ready for a nice weekend that will allow some motorcycling, tennis, or any type of outdoor recreation. Luckily we got some steaks grilled yesterday while it was still nice.

I'm not going to complain. I'm just expressing myself to keep from shouting. I am enjoying the time with my granddaughter playing WII. Taking a break now and then to check out face book or post a blog. Looking at some of those pictures we took on vacation might help.
Oh, the memories of the good times. These are the memories. These are the good times.
The one thing you have to love about Oklahoma is the weather is never the same very long at a time.

written by:
Rick Jackson

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