Saturday, March 27, 2010

Oklahoma Liberties Continue

Oklahoma Liberties continue in spite the bitterness I hear coming from around our Nation. I am around people each day in different places that show a fear concerning the state of the Nation. These fears are not fictitious. There are forces at work trying to turn our Government into a power that would determine what our liberties would be. This evil exists in all countries. Please take a moment to thank our troops for what we have.

Without blaming or taking sides with any particular office leader, political party, or religion, I would like to focus on the liberties we still have.

Like so many others, I don't want to loose my freedom of choice. Freedom is probably something that we don't think much about, because we are so engulfed in the fruits of our freedom. This thought came to me as I was trying to decide what shirt to wear. We still have the freedom to wear an out of style coat and tie. We have the freedom to wear an obnoxious t shirt from the 1960's. Anyway, most of us in Oklahoma are thankful for this freedom. Sure, many of us have to wear uniforms if we are fortunate enough to have a job. Some religions, which we have freedom of, mandate their believers to wear certain clothes. People incarcerated in Oklahoma have little choice of what to were, and I guess some of the private schools have special dress codes, but in general, we wear what we feel is appropriate without facing the consequences of breaking the law.

A lot of our freedoms and liberties are determined by what we do with our time and our life style. Freedom of speech is a powerful tool. It can be just as devastating as it can be constructive. The news ratings depend on how the facts are put into perspectives. Facebook is a good example of freedom of speech.

I probably listen to too much talk radio. I also watch Oklahoma TV stations and listen as they display a perception of events that are taking place in the Oklahoma City area where I live.

I know there are many people in Oklahoma that are struggling and hurting for jobs, health assistance, and keeping their homes. As in all of the United States, we may have seen better times. I also know there were far worse times that I haven't had to live through.

What I do know is. I've never heard the Liberty Bell ring any louder that it is now. Oklahoma will speak up. We will fight to preserve our freedom, liberty, and justice for all.

I hope all the states in this country will support each other and still remain united to the cause that our Forefathers put together so well. I stumbled across a couple of videos on You Tube that related to Patrick Henry's famous quotation,"Give me liberty, or give me death". What a concept? Are we afraid to speak up, or are we just too polite?

From the Desk of: Rick and Nancy Jackson

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