Saturday, May 1, 2010

Company work ethics are amazing

Company work ethics are amazing.  Not because of the average performance of employees in the United States, but because of my observations of the employees in the local work force.

With immigration being a big topic these days, and the unemployment rate being at an all time high, I would want to be a valued employee.  After all, there are lines of people looking for jobs.

But I see so many employees that don't seem to have any initiative to sustain their positions at the workplace.  I notice it in the local markets when I go shopping.  It appears to be worse in the larger companies and Federal and State agency's.  I see a lot of (it's not my job).  I hear a lot of (I don't know).  I see employees surfing the Internet and chatting in general with other employees.  Often it is very difficult to get good customer service.

When the Oklahoma Real Estate market began to slow down, I took a job as a Service Manager for a company the sells and services ice machines in Oklahoma.  I was fortunate to have the qualifications to get a job due to my experience at another company of similar services. 

I had started on the ground floor and learned everything I could about the previous company.  I worked hard at getting my designated job complete so that I could dabble in other areas of the company. I never felt that it wasn't my job to pick up trash or help a customer that was waiting.  As positions opened up above me, I found myself qualified to fill the spot. I had became versatile and flexible.

It's beyond my comprehension that employees complain about their wages, expect more out of life, while they cheat the company they work for out of time and quality labor.

It's no wonder there is such a political struggle with people from other countries wanting to come to America to make money and American Companies wanting good employees that will work for less.

I take a lot of pride in my work ethics at my day job, and as being an Oklahoma Realtor.  To me, it's about putting your company first when your on their time.  It's about putting your client first when you are working for them.

I hope our future generation learns from what our country is going through now.  There is a new group of Americans graduating every year.  I hope they have the work ethics our country needs.

Good Luck America
Dreams Do Come True

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