Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Oklahoma Roads and Coutry Living

Oklahoma roads and country living go together. There is a difference in having a home in the country, and country living. Having a home in the country, means that you have a home in the country. Country living, means that you have an obligation to making the country your home.
 As I departed from the Oklahoma City Metro area, the traffic began to thin, and the grassy real estate became thicker. Oklahoma lots were dropping from $20,000 for .22 acres to 20 acres for $20,000.
As I past through the outskirts of the smaller towns south of Oklahoma City, I saw some very nice gated additions near Blanchard OK.  There were a lot of new homes for sale with golf courses near by.  I remember several years ago that these areas were in demand, but then the gas prices went up, and City commuters chose to stay in the city closer to their work place. 5 year later, gas prices are about the same, if not a little less than they were. There are still lots of new homes on the county side out here for sale.  There is a couple of additions with gates and only one home complete.
Although lots may be a lot less expensive in the country, there are other costs to consider.  Water wells, septic systems, driveway construction, and electricity.  The pros are you can get a lot more land and more privacy for your dollar.
Of course there are properties available that may already have water, septic, driveways, and even outdoor buildings already existing, just waiting for you to breath life into them.

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