Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Brighter side of Oklahoma

It's been three weeks since the 15" blizzard in Oklahoma City, and I believe there is only one little patch of snow left in our neighborhood. It's been a very long time thawing out due to the cold temperatures we have had in Oklahoma. 2010 is here, and it's finally warming up to around 45-50 deg. each day. The raging blizzard is already just a memory, with a few patches of snow that remind us of how plans can change.

Just like the weather in Oklahoma, the economy can change. The local businesses are starting to see some hope in customer spending, and the Oklahoma City housing market is slowly but surely picking up. With all the damage done to the streets from the ice, snow, and snowplowing, there will be more work for road crews, auto repair centers, and tire stores.
Sometimes I wonder if we have to have difficult circumstances to help our state and cities grow. I ask my self "if it were a perfect world, would I appreciate it as much if it was not for the difficult times"? I would like to think so, but I don't think it will ever be perfect enough to answer that question.
Never the less, life goes on in Oklahoma. The new Maps project has passed, and will continue to change our city into a vision that looks pretty good from the pictures. Businesses are coming to Oklahoma City to take advantage of the benefits the city continues to offer. We have some of the best hospitals in the nation, and a lot of medical professionals continue to move here.
The new Devon 51-storey premier corporate skyscraper broke ground for construction in downtown October 2009 and it is estimated to be in use by 2013.
There are exciting things happening in the Greater Oklahoma City area. The nearby smaller towns are also flourishing as well.
Sometimes we become overwhelmed with negative things that happen around us. At least that is true for me. But looking ahead, and not behind gives us a fresh start. After all, everything crumbles at sometime, but putting it together is what going forward is about.
Now that there is only one little patch of snow, I remember that I never did get all the leaves picked up. I always dislike having piles of moldy leaves to deal with in the spring time when starting to get the yard in shape for the summer. We will probably have more winter. In fact, we usually don't get snow until as late as February or March. But no matter what the weather, life in Oklahoma continues to keep us all on our toes. I'm looking forward to many exciting things this year. It's much better than being disgusted with the things that didn't turn out the way I hoped last year.
Oklahoma City, where Dreams Do Come True.

written by: Rick Jackson

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