Saturday, January 30, 2010

Elderly without Electricity in Oklahoma

Oklahoma City residents didn't experience the power loss that was projected when the last icing took place. However, the residents in smaller communities south and southwest as well as southeast of the Oklahoma City Metro have had a lot of outages. My parents that live near Chickasha were told it might take four days before REC can restore power to their small farm home. This company is telling it's customers to relocate if they have health problems that require electricity. The backbone of Oklahoma lives in these small towns and in the country nearby. A lot of our elderly live there and have fought for our country in the years past. They are still appreciated and loved by many, and play a part in our community. There wisdom and experience are greatly appreciated and not replaceable.
I know the last time Oklahoma had a large power outage, that there were Power Companies from other states and areas that came here to get things going again.
I am finding that the Coops and independent electric companies don't play well when it comes to state wide outages. O G&E works together nation wide to support other workers when it comes to natural disasters and power outages. I would think that this would really make them popular and be really good for the corporate reputation. The are also offering walk in centers for customers to report power outages.
I don't always support large corporate companies and believe that sometimes they set standards in pricing. I do support independent companies because I think that the competition is good to have and they can promote jobs for local communities.
I believe that everyone working together is what this country is all about. Whether or not it's an independent, or a corporate business, the public welfare should be the number one priority. Lets help one another anyway we can. It's not always about competition. Damage done by ice to power lines is a non profit situation for all the companies. Your electric bill remains the same, no matter the cost to get the lines back up.
If you know of someone that lives in the outage areas, please take the time to give them a call and check on them. I'm sure they would love to hear from you.

Written by:
Rick Jackson

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