Saturday, January 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Vince

Hey Vince,
I just wanted to wish you a very special Happy Birthday. I want this to be your special day. You have made so many people laugh when they didn't feel like laughing. You have given your life over to the title "Entertainer" when you are much more than that. Besides being an excellent keyboardist, singer, writer, and performer, you have great people skills.

You are a real person, just like all of your fans. You are also a patriot, something America needs now more than ever. You have been blessed, and you give credit where credit is due.

This blog is usually about life in Oklahoma. You have played many times here in the state. I have never seen a bad performance. No matter how big or how small the crowd, you are never disappointing. You always put all you have into every show.
So today this blog is about Vince Vance, the entertainer that Oklahoma loves to see. So have a Happy Birthday from all of Oklahoma, and come back soon.


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